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What a year! It all started one year ago: I made my entrance into the world of open source communities by joining the QDox team. I won’t repeat myself, just take a look at my first blogentry.
It’s just one single year, but what a great year it was with six continuously improving deliverables of QDox.
And it didn’t stop! By the end of december 2009 Joe Walnes contacted me, asking if I would like to take over QDox. A few e-mails later I was willing to lead QDox. An official vote was called an the team fully supported the request.

Just let me quote Joe, I think it’ll say it all:

from thread New QDox team lead – Robert Scholte

Hello all

I’d like to announce the new lead for QDox, Robert Scholte.

Anyone who’s been following the project for the past year would have seen
that Robert has made a tremendous number of contributions to all areas of
QDox, including bug fixes, build, docs/website, releasing, user support and
admin. If you follow the project further back, you’ll see that Robert has
actually done more on the project in the past year than was done for the
combined 6 years before that…. impressive.

I originally wrote QDox back in 2002, as a stop gap until annotations were
added to the Java language. It was quickly picked up tools such as XDoclet.
I always thought (and hoped) that once annotations made it into the
language, it would be redundant. Yet it lived on. Unlike the JDK Annotation
Processing Tool (APT), it could process source code rather than byte code in
a simpler and faster manner. And it provided access to information that the
JDK didn’t make available (e.g. parameter names). And it was useful where
annotations still did not exist, like in JavaME. So, even today, it still
lives on and is used in tools such as Maven and Eclipse. But I cannot invest
the time into it that I once could.

Given Robert’s commitment to the project, I can think of no better person to
lead the project. He’s done an astounding job. Robert has kindly accepted
this role and I’m delighted to hand it over to him.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank Paul Hammant, Mauro Talevi
and Dennis Lundberg for their ongoing efforts on the project.

-Joe (QDox founder, and former lead)



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